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About CDAK

An educational institution has a profound role to play in the building of a nation, a society, and an individual and it is a job of expertise and care when the recipients of that education are slated to perform roles of high responsibility, as in case of institution like CDAK.


We Are Educational Institute

CDAK has made a positive impact on people, companies and society in a short period. We place education of people first and that is reflected in our strategy, faculty development, design of programs etc. Our programs are regulation compliant and internationally accredited.

Nurturing Environment

Competitive Spirit

Foster thought Leadership

Lead Change

Learning by Doing

Speed And Flexibility

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Our Team

We value authenticity. We believe students should have opportunities to set goals, work toward the goals in an authentic, caring environment, reflect on the success and/or failure of the goal, and grow from the experiences. We believe life is about making things happen.

Our Programs

A core group of committed teachers endowed with not only experience but also expertise in areas like research, training, operations and form the nucleus of CDAK Education Services.

Our Placement Record

CDAK Placement Drive presents a unique opportunity to students and corporates alike. With multiple recruiters under one roof, students can benefit from a variety of opportunities. Corporates on the other hand benefit from a large pool of CDAK students to recruit from. The job readiness of a student is analyzed based on the following parameters:

On the basis of the job productivity, research and analysis, yardsticks are put in place to fulfill the varied staffing requirements of the employers for different job roles. Interested candidates may mail their detailed resume with photograph to the following mail id:

CDAK placement services explore three critical issues

  • Generating employment
  • Formalizing the informal sector
  • Harnessing skill development

Our placement services maps the clients need across the industry and skill level growth and matches with the students capacity and to place them rightly in the industry. We conduct regular workshops, training sessions on placement for quality deliverance of candidate in the industry. Our student training division is the collective aspirations of professional driven and ambitious individuals who have firm believe in our mission. We provide end to end training and learning solutions for better placement. We deliver simultaneously roll out on Communication English as well as vernacular languages across the vertical.

Our focus lies on building high quality learning solutions for clients who are particularly interested in the development of the bottom of the pyramid and higher level in any sphere be it Corporate, Educational areas and others. We design solutions to enhance employee productivity by placing our students rightly and overall organizational performance.

What Our Students Say

As an institution we continue to foster thought leadership and lead change. We will be modifying our activities in ways that foreground the importance of global citizenship and sustainable business models.

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Eminent industrialists and expert professors visit CDAK Education Services for guest lectureship to enrich the students with current strengths in specific industry. All the academic and industry experts take continuous care of the learning requirements of our students and expose them to industry specific intricacies of functional area specifications.

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